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The following fact sheets will help you understand each of the laws and how they affect you and your clients. FOR MORE INFORMATION

» Introduction to law and legislation
» Discrimination in recruitment
» Sex discrimination
» Age discrimination
» Discrimination against disabled people
» Discrimination on the grounds of race
» Discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief
» Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation
» Discrimination over membership or non-membership of unions
» Discrimination in day-to-day working practices



Consultants, Managers and Organizations willing to start a recruitment business in Nigeria are required by the Labour Act Cap 198 LFN 1990 (Sections 23, 24, 25 and 71) to apply for registration and obtain the Recruiter’s License/Employer’s Permit from the Federal Ministry of Labour.


1. Intending Recruiter should apply in writing for registration form with a non refundable application fee of N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira) in certified bank draft payable to the Federal Ministry of Labour.

2. Two (2) copies of the completed registration forms shall be submitted to the Head, Lagos State Labour Office with following documents in duplicate:-

• Photocopy of the Bank Draft
• Photocopy of the Revenue Collector’s Receipt
• Photocopy of Company’s Articles and Memorandum of Association
• Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation
• Photocopy of the form indicating the particulars of directors (Form C07)
• Contract Agreement between Recruiter and the organization to be    served.
• Produce letter/document of recommendation from the government of the    place (in case of    recruitment outside Nigeria) where work is to be performed certifying your trustworthiness.

3. Security Deposit Bond issued by reputable insurance company as follows:-
•  1 – 100 recruits N200,000.00
•  101 – 500 recruits N500,000.00
•  501 – 1000 recruits N1,000,000.00
•  1001 & above recruits N2,000,000.00

4. A comprehensive pre-registration inspection by an Authorized Labour Officer.

5. Inspection report forwarded to the Headquarters of the Ministry of Labour not later than two weeks after the receipt of application and accompanying documents.

The security deposit is to take care of the following:-

• Unpaid salaries and wages

• Contractual arrears

• Wages and traveling expenses of workers not paid for

• Any expenses which may be incurred by the Government in respect of the worker(s) and families.

• Any fine imposed on the employee in the course of carrying out instructions imposed on him/her   by the recruiter

• Other contingencies relating to wages and salaries as agreed to by the parties and as may be    deemed fit by the Ministry.

• Where an employer and/or recruiter violates the provisions of Section 23, 24, 25 and 71 of the    Acts Cap 198, LFN 1990 or any amendment thereto, the recruiter (Labour Contractor) and the    final beneficiary (Secondary Employer) shall be jointly and severally liable for the offence

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